How To Check If A Website Is Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics serves as a robust instrument allowing website proprietors to monitor and examine the flow of their site traffic. It offers crucial perceptions of visitor conduct, including the most frequented pages, the origins of the visitors, and the duration of their visits on the website. Nonetheless, Google Analytics is not utilized by every website, making it essential to understand the methods for verifying its use on a website.

Method 1: Look for the Google Analytics Code

The easiest way to check if a website is using Google Analytics is to look for the code on the website itself. To do this, open the website in your web browser and view the source code. You can usually do this by right-clicking on the page and selecting “View Source” or “Inspect.”

Once you have the source code open, use the search function to look for the following code:

ga('create', 'UA-XXXXX-Y', 'auto');

If you see this code on the website, it means that Google Analytics is installed and running. The “UA-XXXXX-Y” part of the code is a unique identifier assigned to each Google Analytics account.

Method 2: Use a Browser Extension

If you don’t want to dig through the source code, there are also browser extensions that can help you check if a website is using Google Analytics. One popular extension is called “Google Analytics Opt-Out.” Once installed, this extension will display an icon in your browser toolbar that indicates whether or not the current website is using Google Analytics.

Method 3: Use a Third-Party Tool

If you don’t want to install a browser extension, there are also third-party tools that can help you check if a website is using Google Analytics. One popular tool is called “BuiltWith.” Simply enter the URL of the website you want to check into the search bar on the BuiltWith website, and it will display a list of technologies used by the site, including whether or not it’s using Google Analytics.


In conclusion, checking if a website is using Google Analytics is an important step in understanding how your website is being used and how to improve it. By using one of the methods outlined above, you can quickly and easily determine whether or not a website is using this powerful tool.