How To Change Your Name On Facebook

Whether you’ve recently got married, changed your name legally, or just want to do a little housekeeping on your personal brand, changing your name on Facebook can be an essential step. Although it’s not a task you’ll perform regularly, it’s quite simple to do when you follow the right steps. In this post, we will guide you through the process of changing your name on Facebook.

Before you start…

Before you change your Facebook name, bear in mind that Facebook has some restrictions on this activity. Facebook aims to ensure that everyone uses their authentic name, which should be the name your friends call you in real life. Here are some rules to remember:

  • You can’t use symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation, or non-standard characters.
  • You can’t use titles such as professional or religious ones.
  • You can’t use words or phrases in place of a name.
  • You can’t use offensive or suggestive words.

Changing your name on Facebook

Now, let’s dive into the steps for changing your Facebook name. The instructions are quite simple and straightforward:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Click the downward-facing arrow in the top right of any Facebook page and then select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown menu. From the expanded menu, click on Settings.

Step 2: Edit Name

In the General tab, click the Edit button next to your name.

Step 3: Enter a New Name and Save Changes

Enter your new name in the provided text boxes, then click Review Change. Facebook may ask you to confirm your password to ensure it’s you making the change. Once you’ve done this, click Save Changes.

Please note: If you change your name on Facebook, you won’t be able to change it again for 60 days. So, be certain before you make a change.


And there you have it, a simple guide on how to change your name on Facebook. Remember, it’s important to be sure about the change because you’ll have to stick to it for at least two months! Be mindful of the rules Facebook has in place to maintain a respectful community. Happy branding!