How To Change Time In Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects is an effective software utilized by experts to produce impressive videos with great flexibility, accuracy, and complexity. An essential aspect that users frequently alter is the time settings of their videos. This blog post will guide you through a detailed tutorial on how to manipulate time using Adobe After Effects.

Getting Started

To get started, you need to have the Adobe After Effects software installed on your computer. Launch the software and open the specific project you want to work on. If you are new to Adobe After Effects, you may want to familiarize yourself with its user interface first.

How to Change Time in Adobe After Effects

Once your project is loaded, follow these steps:

  1. Select the layer on the timeline that you want to change the time of.
  2. Right-click on your selection and choose Time.
  3. Several options will appear, such as Time Stretch, Time Reverse Layer, and Enable Time Remapping.

Time Stretch

Time Stretch allows you to speed up or slow down the play rate of the layer. To adjust this, simply input a percentage lower than 100% to make the layer play faster, and a percentage higher than 100% to make it play slower.

  Time Stretch = 50%  //This will make the layer play twice as fast
  Time Stretch = 200% //This will make the layer play twice as slow

Time Reverse Layer

The Time Reverse Layer option will make your layer play backwards. It’s a simple toggle on/off feature.

Enable Time Remapping

If you want more control over your layer, select Enable Time Remapping. This will add a ‘Time Remap’ property to your layer, which allows you to dynamically adjust the timing of your layer using keyframes. You can add, move, and adjust keyframes to change when certain parts of your layer play.

//Select a keyframe
Move to the time you want to remap
Click the 'Add Keyframe' button

With these methods, you can have full control over the timing of your videos, which can greatly enhance the storytelling and creativity of your projects.


Manipulating time in Adobe After Effects can seem complex, but with a little practice, you can achieve impressive results. Just keep experimenting and you’ll soon master this powerful feature. Happy editing!