How To Change The Color Of A List In Trello

If you are a user of Trello, you have likely observed the user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface and flexible design that make it a great solution for managing tasks and projects. A useful feature for customizing your Trello boards is the ability to change the color of individual lists. This option enables you to visually organize your tasks, enhancing the efficiency and navigation of your boards.

Unfortunately, Trello doesn’t provide a direct option to change the color of an entire list. But don’t worry, there is a way around it!

You can utilize a browser extension called Card Colors for Trello. This extension allows you to change the color of cards, effectively changing the look of your list.

How to Use Card Colors for Trello

  1. Install the extension. It’s available for both Firefox and Chrome browsers.
  2. Once installed, you’ll see a new option in your Trello settings. Navigate to Show Menu > More > Settings > Card Cover Images Settings.
  3. Enable the checkbox labeled Show card cover images and colors on front of cards.
  4. Now, add or change the cover image of a card to a solid color image. This will change the color of your card.
  5. Repeat this for all the cards in a list to give an impression of changing the list color.

Alternative Method: Using Labels

Trello provides a feature called Labels which can be used to categorize and color code your cards. Here’s how to use labels:

  1. Click on the card you want to add a label to.
  2. Click on the Labels… button on the right menu.
  3. Click on the color you want to assign to the card. You can also create a new label if the existing ones don’t fit your needs.

While these methods can’t change the color of the entire lists directly, they can effectively help you color-code your Trello board. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a workaround that can make your task management more efficient until Trello introduces this feature natively.

Happy Trello-ing!