How To Change Personal Meeting Room Name In Zoom

Zoom is a widely-used video conferencing tool that enables users to conduct and attend meetings from any location. A notable function of Zoom is the option to establish personal meeting rooms, suitable for repeated gatherings or as a consistent venue for meetings. Nonetheless, there may be occasions when you wish to modify the name of your personal meeting room on Zoom. This article is designed to walk you through the steps required to change the name of your personal meeting room on Zoom.

Step 1: Log in to Your Zoom Account

To start, log in to your Zoom account using your email address and password. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the main dashboard where you can access all of your meetings and settings.

Step 2: Access Your Personal Meeting Room Settings

From the main dashboard, click on the “Meetings” tab in the left-hand menu. This will take you to a list of all your scheduled meetings and personal meeting rooms. Click on the “Personal Meeting ID” link to access your personal meeting room settings.

Step 3: Change Your Personal Meeting Room Name

Once you are in your personal meeting room settings, you will see a field labeled “Meeting Topic.” This is where you can change the name of your personal meeting room. Simply type in the new name you want to use and click on the “Save” button to save your changes.

Step 4: Confirm Your Changes

After saving your changes, Zoom will confirm that your personal meeting room name has been changed. You can now use your new meeting room name for all of your future meetings.


Changing the name of your personal meeting room in Zoom is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. By following these instructions, you can easily customize your meeting space and make it more personalized for your needs.