How To Change Font In Figma

Figma is a popular design tool among UI/UX designers, product designers, and graphics designers alike. One of the many features it offers is the ability to change the font in your designs to fit your preferred style. In this blog post, we will be discussing how you can change the font in Figma.

Step 1: Select the Text Box

The first step in changing the font in Figma is to select the text box that contains the text you want to modify. You can do this by clicking on the text box directly. If you have multiple layers, make sure you are selecting the right one.

Step 2: Navigating to the Text Settings

Once you’ve selected the text box, navigate to the text settings panel. This panel usually appears on the right side of the screen when a text box is selected. This panel is where you will find all the options for modifying your text, including the font.

Step 3: Changing the Font

In the text settings panel, you will see a drop-down menu next to the label ‘Font’. Click on this menu to see all the available fonts. You can scroll through this list until you find the font that you want to use. Once you’ve found your desired font, click on it to set it as the font for your selected text.

Step 4: Confirm the Changes

After selecting a new font, you should see the changes reflected in your selected text box immediately. If you are happy with the new font, you can click anywhere outside the text settings panel to confirm the changes. Your new font is now set!

Changing the Font via Code

For those who are more code-inclined, Figma also allows you to change the font via its API. Here’s a snippet of how you could do that:

const nodes = figma.currentPage.selection;
for (let node of nodes) {
  if ("fontName" in node) {
    await figma.loadFontAsync({ family: "Roboto", style: "Regular" })
    node.fontName = { family: "Roboto", style: "Regular" }

This code goes through all selected nodes and changes the font to “Roboto”. Remember to replace “Roboto” and “Regular” with your desired font family and style.

Changing fonts in Figma is an integral part of designing in the software. It’s not just about making text look good, but also about ensuring readability and maintaining a consistent style across your designs. Whether you’re changing fonts via the user interface or through code, Figma offers a flexible and straightforward way to change fonts that can cater to all users.