How To Change Canva Size

Canva is a fantastic tool for designing stunning graphics for social media, presentations, posters, and much more. But, sometimes, you might find that the default canvas size does not suit your requirements. You may need a smaller or larger size, depending on the final output you desire. So, in this blog post, we will guide you through the process of changing the canvas size in Canva. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open Your Design

Log into your Canva account and open the design you want to resize. If you’re starting from scratch, create a new design by choosing a template or clicking on the “+ Create a design” button on the Canva homepage.

Step 2: Access the Resize Tool

Once you’ve opened your design, click on the Resize button located at the top left of the screen. This will bring up the resize tool.

Step 3: Input New Dimensions

In the resize tool, you’ll see boxes labeled width and height. These are measured in pixels. Enter your desired dimensions into these boxes. For example, if you want to resize your canvas to 1024×768 pixels, enter “1024” in the width box and “768” in the height box.

Step 4: Apply the Changes

Click on the Copy & Resize or the Resize button to apply your changes. The ‘Copy & Resize’ option will create a new design with the adjusted size, whereas the ‘Resize’ option will change the size of the current design. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Step 5: Adjust your Design Elements

After resizing, you may need to adjust your design elements to fit the new size. You can do this by simply clicking and dragging them. If your new size is significantly different from the original, you may have to redesign some elements.


And there you have it! You’ve now learned how to resize your canvas in Canva. By understanding this useful feature, you can create designs that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Happy designing!