How To Change Background Color In Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator, a cornerstone in the design industry, is a powerful software that allows you to create stunning graphics with ease. One of the essential skills to learn while using Adobe Illustrator is changing the background color. Though it might seem trivial, the ability to change and manipulate the background color can change the entire outlook of your design. In this blog post, we will guide you through the simple steps to change the background color in Adobe Illustrator.

Steps to Change the Background Color in Adobe Illustrator

Contrary to popular belief, Illustrator doesn’t have a ‘background color’ feature like the ones available in other Adobe applications like Photoshop. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change the background color. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Create a New Layer

Firstly, it’s necessary to create a new layer which will act as your background. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Create New Layer’ button located at the bottom of the ‘Layers’ panel. If you can’t find the ‘Layers’ panel, you can navigate to Window > Layers to access it.

Step 2: Draw a Rectangle

With your new layer selected, choose the Rectangle Tool from the tool panel on the left side. Draw a rectangle that covers the entire artboard. This rectangle will be our background.

Here’s how you can select the Rectangle Tool:

Click on the toolbox > Select Rectangle Tool or use the shortcut 'M'

Step 3: Change the Fill Color

With the rectangle selected, navigate to the ‘Color’ panel on the right side. Click the ‘Fill’ box and choose your desired color. This color will be the new background color for your design.

You can change the fill color by following this path:

Select the Rectangle > Navigate to Color Panel > Click on Fill box > Choose your color

Step 4: Lock the Background Layer

Once you’re satisfied with your background color, it’s a good practice to lock this layer to prevent any accidental editing. You can do this by clicking on the space right next to the eye icon on the ‘Layers’ panel. A lock icon will appear, signifying that the layer is now locked.

Here’s how you can lock your layer:

Go to the Layers Panel > Click on space next to eye icon


And there you have it! You’ve successfully changed the background color in Adobe Illustrator. Though Illustrator doesn’t directly provide a ‘background color’ feature, with this simple workaround, you can add and manipulate the background color of your design as per your liking. Happy designing!