How To Center Text In Adobe After Effects

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If you are working on an animation or video for work, school, or personal reasons, knowing how to center text in Adobe After Effects can be highly beneficial. It can enhance the visual appeal and comprehension for your audience. This guide will take you through the steps of centering text in Adobe After Effects.

Step 1: Open Your Project in Adobe After Effects

The first step is to open your project in Adobe After Effects. This can be a new project or an existing one. To open a project, click on File > Open Project and then select your project.

Step 2: Create a New Text Layer

Next, you need to create a new text layer. To do this, simply navigate to the Layer menu, select New, then choose Text.

Step 3: Write Your Text

Now you can write your text. Click on the text tool in your toolbar and then click anywhere on your composition to start typing.

Step 4: Open Align Panel

To center your text, you will need to use the Align panel. If this panel isn’t visible, you can enable it by going to Window > Align.

Step 5: Center Your Text

Finally, to center your text, simply select your text layer and then click on the Align horizontal center and Align vertical center buttons in the Align panel.

// Select the text layer
textLayer = composition.layers.byName("Your Text Layer");

// Align horizontal center
app.executeCommand(app.findMenuCommandId("Align horizontal center"));

// Align vertical center
app.executeCommand(app.findMenuCommandId("Align vertical center"));

And there you have it! Your text is now perfectly centered in your composition. Remember, you can use this process to center any type of layer in Adobe After Effects, not just text layers. Happy editing!