How To Cancel Free Trial Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator, developed and marketed by Adobe Inc., is a widely used vector graphics editor. The software offers a complimentary trial for users to explore its features before committing to a paid subscription. If you encounter any difficulties and wish to discontinue your free trial subscription, you can do so for a variety of reasons. It could be that the software does not meet your requirements, or you have had a change of heart.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of canceling your Adobe Illustrator free trial. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Log in to Your Adobe Account

The first step is to log in to your Adobe account. Go to the Adobe Homepage and click on Sign In at the top right corner of the screen. Enter your Adobe ID and password to log in.

Step 2: Go to ‘Manage Account’

After logging in, navigate to your account settings. Click on the Profile icon at the top right of the screen, then click on Manage Account.

Step 3: Navigate to ‘Plans & Products’

On the account management page, scroll down until you find a section called Plans & Products. Click on Manage plans under this section.

Step 4: Cancel Your Free Trial

Under your active plans, you will see the Adobe Illustrator free trial. Click on Cancel plan. Adobe will prompt you to confirm the cancellation. Click on Yes, cancel plan to proceed.

That’s it! You have successfully cancelled your Adobe Illustrator free trial.


If you cancel your free trial within 14 days of the start date, you won’t be charged. However, if you cancel after the 14-day free trial period, Adobe charges 50% of your remaining contract obligation.


While Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool for graphic designers, it might not be for everyone. If you’ve decided to cancel your free trial, the process is quick and straightforward. Just remember to cancel within the first 14 days to avoid any charges.