How To Calculate Canvas Grades

The Canvas Learning Management System is widely utilized by educational institutions around the globe as a valuable resource. For both students and teachers, one common query is deciphering grade calculations in Canvas. This article presents a comprehensive, step-by-step manual on accomplishing this task.

Step 1. Accessing Grades in Canvas

To calculate your grades in Canvas, you first need to access the ‘Grades’ section. You can do this by clicking on ‘Grades’ in the course navigation menu.

Canvas navigation

Step 2. Understanding the Canvas Grades Interface

The Canvas Grades Interface is divided into different columns. Each column represents an assignment, quiz, or discussion. The rows represent the students. The cell where a row and column intersect indicates the score of a student on a specific assignment.

Step 3: How Canvas Calculates Grades

Canvas calculates the total grade by adding the grades for each assignment and dividing that total by the total points possible.

The formula for calculating total grade as a percentage is:

Total Points Earned / Total Points Possible * 100 = Percentage Grade

Step 4: Calculating Your Grade with Extra Credit

If your course includes extra credit, the formula for calculation will change slightly. The extra credit points will get added to the total points earned without being included in the total points possible, thereby increasing your overall grade percentage.

The formula for calculating total grade as a percentage with extra credit is:

(Total Points Earned + Extra Credit) / Total Points Possible * 100 = Percentage Grade

Step 5: Using Canvas’s Grade Calculator

Canvas also has a built-in grade calculator that can be used to predict your final grade. Simply enter your desired final grade, and Canvas will calculate the necessary scores on your remaining assignments to achieve that grade.


Understanding how to calculate Canvas grades is crucial for both students, aiming to keep track of their academic progress, and educators, aiming to accurately assess their students’ performance. By following these steps, you will be better equipped to navigate and make the most of the grading features in Canvas.