How To Break Line In Php Echo

When working with PHP, you might find yourself in situations where you need to output text or data on multiple lines. This is a common requirement when you are rendering HTML or generating text-based reports. One way to achieve this is by using the echo statement, which outputs one or more strings. In this post, we will explore how to break lines in PHP using the echo statement and various techniques to properly format the output as HTML.

Using the newline character “\n”

The newline character \n can be used to break lines in PHP’s echo statement. This character represents a line break in plain text files, so it will work in cases where you are generating non-HTML output:

    <p>In the example above, each <strong>echo</strong> statement will output text followed by a newline character, creating a multi-line output. However, this approach won't work in an HTML context, as browsers don't treat newline characters as line breaks.</p>

    <h2>Using the HTML &lt;br&gt; tag</h2>
    <p>In HTML, the &lt;br&gt; tag is used to indicate a line break. Instead of using the newline character, you can use the &lt;br&gt; tag in your <strong>echo</strong> statement to create line breaks in the output:</p>

    echo "Line 3<br>";

This approach will work in an HTML context, as the browser will render the <br> tags as line breaks. However, if you are generating plain text output, this method will result in literal <br> tags being displayed in the output.

Combining newline characters and <br> tags with PHP_EOL

If you want to create line breaks that work in both HTML and plain text contexts, you can use the PHP_EOL constant. This constant represents the correct newline character sequence for the current operating system, making it suitable for plain text files. By combining PHP_EOL with the <br> tag, you can create line breaks that work in both HTML and plain text:

    <br>" . PHP_EOL;
    echo "Line 3<br>" . PHP_EOL;

In this example, each echo statement outputs a line followed by the <br> tag and the newline character sequence. This will result in properly formatted output in both HTML and plain text contexts.

Using heredoc syntax for multi-line strings

Another way to break lines in PHP’s echo statement is by using the heredoc syntax, which allows you to create multi-line strings easily:

    Line 3<br>

In this example, the heredoc syntax allows you to define a multi-line string that includes <br> tags for line breaks. This is an elegant and readable way to output multi-line strings, especially when you are working with large blocks of text or HTML code.


In this post, we have explored several methods for breaking lines in PHP’s echo statement. Depending on your specific requirements and whether you need the output to be formatted as HTML or plain text, you can choose the method that best suits your needs. Remember to always test your output in different contexts to ensure that it is correctly formatted and easy to read.