How To Break Each Loop In Jquery

Looping through elements is a common task in web development, especially when using jQuery. However, sometimes you might want to break out of the loop when a certain condition is met. In this blog post, we’ll learn how to break out of a jQuery each loop.

Understanding the jQuery Each Loop

The each function in jQuery is used to iterate over a collection of elements. It takes a callback function as an argument, which is executed for each element in the collection. Here’s how to use the each function in jQuery:

    $("li").each(function(index, element) {
        console.log(index + ": " + $(element).text());

In the above example, we’re looping through all the li elements on the page and logging their index and text content to the console.

Breaking Out of the Each Loop

To break out of an each loop in jQuery, you can use the return statement inside the callback function. When you return false, the loop will break. If you return true or any other value, the loop will continue to the next iteration.

Let’s say we want to break the loop when we find an li element with the text “Stop”. Here’s how to do it:

    $("li").each(function(index, element) {
        if ($(element).text() === "Stop") {
            return false; // Breaks the loop
        console.log(index + ": " + $(element).text());

In the example above, the loop will stop iterating when it encounters an li element with the text “Stop”, and it will not log any elements after that.


Breaking out of an each loop in jQuery is simple. Just return false inside the callback function when you want to break the loop, and the iteration will stop. Now you can easily control your loops in jQuery and optimize your code for better performance.