How To Boom And Zoom War Thunder

Boom and zoom is a tactic used by fighter pilots in War Thunder. It involves flying high above the battlefield, diving down to attack an enemy aircraft, and then climbing back up to safety. This tactic can be very effective if executed properly.

Step 1: Climb to Altitude

The first step in boom and zoom is to climb to altitude. This will give you the advantage of height over your opponents, allowing you to dive down on them with greater speed and momentum.

Step 2: Identify Targets

Once you have reached a suitable altitude, begin scanning the battlefield for potential targets. Look for enemy aircraft that are flying below you or that are isolated from their teammates.

Step 3: Dive and Attack

When you have identified a target, dive down towards it at full speed. As you approach the target, open fire with your guns or rockets. Aim for the enemy aircraft’s critical components, such as its engine or fuel tanks.

Step 4: Climb Back to Altitude

After attacking the enemy aircraft, quickly climb back up to altitude to avoid any potential counterattacks. Repeat this process until you have destroyed all of your targets or until you are forced to retreat.


Boom and zoom is a powerful tactic in War Thunder, but it requires skill and practice to execute effectively. By following these steps, you can become a master of the boom and zoom technique and dominate the skies.