How To Bold Trello Comments

Trello is a popular project management tool that allows users to collaborate and communicate effectively. One of the features of Trello is the ability to leave comments on cards, which can be useful for providing feedback or asking questions. However, sometimes it can be difficult to make your comment stand out from the others. In this article, we will show you how to bold Trello comments to make them more visible and easier to read.

Step 1: Open the Card

To start, open the card that you want to leave a comment on. You can do this by clicking on the card in your Trello board or by searching for it using the search bar.

Step 2: Click on the Comment Icon

Once you have opened the card, click on the comment icon located in the top right corner of the screen. This will open a text box where you can type your comment.

Step 3: Type Your Comment

Type your comment in the text box. You can also add attachments or emojis to your comment if you want to make it more engaging.

Step 4: Bold Your Comment

To bold your comment, simply type ** before and after the text that you want to bold. For example, if you want to bold the word “important,” you would type **important** in the text box.

Step 5: Submit Your Comment

Once you have finished typing your comment and bolding any necessary text, click on the “Comment” button to submit your comment. Your comment will now be visible to all users who can view the card.


Bolding Trello comments is a simple yet effective way to make your feedback or questions more visible and easier to read. By following these steps, you can ensure that your comments are seen by all users who need to see them.