How To Blur Text In Powerpoint

Whether you’re creating a business presentation or an academic report, PowerPoint is an essential tool in the arsenal of any presenter. One of the many creative features it offers is the ability to blur text. While PowerPoint doesn’t directly offer a ‘blur text’ option, it is possible to achieve this through a simple workaround. Here’s a comprehensive guide that will help you create that perfect blurred text effect in PowerPoint.

Step 1: Insert the Text

Firstly, go to the ‘Home’ tab and select ‘Text Box’ in the Text section. Click anywhere on the slide and enter your required text.

Step 2: Duplicate the Text

Next, right-click on the text box you just created and select ‘Duplicate’. This will create an exact copy of the text box, placed directly on top of the original.

Step 3: Apply the Blur Effect

The actual ‘blurring’ process of the text is achieved through PowerPoint’s ‘glow’ text effect. Here’s how:

  • Select the duplicate text box.
  • Go to the ‘Format’ tab and click on the ‘Text Effects’ dropdown in the WordArt Styles section.
  • Hover over the ‘Glow’ option and select ‘More Glow Colors’.
  • In the Colors box, select the same color as your text. Adjust the Size and Transparency sliders to achieve the desired level of ‘blur’. The more you increase these values, the more ‘blurred’ your text will appear.

Step 4: Layering the Text

Finally, you need to bring the original text box in front of the blurred one. Right-click on the original text box, navigate to ‘Bring to Front’, and voila, you have your blurred text effect!

Note: Ensure the color of your original text is different from the blurred one for the effect to stand out.


Creating a blur effect on text in PowerPoint is a creative way to add a unique touch to your presentations. Although it involves a bit of a workaround, the process is simple and easy to follow. Now, go ahead and give your presentations a professional edge with this easy-to-learn technique!