How To Become Facebook Ad Certified

In this piece, I’m going to walk you through the steps to achieve Facebook Ad certification. Having navigated the certification path personally, I grasp the value it brings in bolstering your capabilities and establishing your trustworthiness in the digital marketing domain.

Why become Facebook Ad certified?

Before diving into the process, let’s understand why becoming Facebook Ad certified is beneficial. Facebook Ad certification demonstrates your expertise and proficiency in running ads on the platform. It validates your knowledge of best practices, ad targeting, campaign management, and performance tracking. It also sets you apart from others in the industry and opens up opportunities for career advancement.

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with Facebook Business Suite

The first step is to get familiar with the Facebook Business Suite, which is the central hub for managing your Facebook ads. Spend some time exploring its features, such as creating and managing campaigns, audience targeting, and ad performance analysis. This will give you a solid foundation before diving into the certification process.

Step 2: Study the Facebook Blueprint

Next, it’s time to delve into the Facebook Blueprint, an extensive online learning platform created by Facebook. The Blueprint offers a range of courses covering various aspects of digital marketing and Facebook advertising. From beginner to advanced levels, these courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in running successful ad campaigns on Facebook.

Take your time to study the material thoroughly and complete the assessments at the end of each module. The assessments help reinforce your understanding of the topics covered and prepare you for the certification exam.

Step 3: Prepare for the certification exam

Once you feel confident in your knowledge and understanding of Facebook advertising, it’s time to prepare for the certification exam. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and requires a passing score to become certified.

Before taking the exam, I recommend reviewing the course material and taking practice exams. This will help you familiarize yourself with the format of the questions and identify any areas where you may need further study.

Step 4: Schedule and take the certification exam

When you feel ready, schedule your certification exam through the Facebook Blueprint platform. The exam can be taken online, allowing you to choose a convenient time and place for you to complete it.

During the exam, take your time to read each question carefully and consider all possible options before selecting your answer. Remember, the exam is timed, so manage your time wisely and avoid rushing through the questions.

Step 5: Maintain your certification

Congratulations! You are now Facebook Ad certified. However, keep in mind that the digital marketing landscape is ever-evolving. To stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in Facebook advertising, it’s crucial to continue learning and refining your skills.

Facebook offers ongoing training and resources to help you stay current. Take advantage of these resources to deepen your knowledge and adapt your strategies accordingly. Additionally, consider joining industry groups, attending webinars, and networking with other professionals to stay connected and informed.


Becoming Facebook Ad certified is a valuable step in your digital marketing career. It demonstrates your expertise, credibility, and commitment to mastering the intricacies of Facebook advertising. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can embark on your journey towards becoming a certified Facebook Ads professional. Stay curious, never stop learning, and make the most out of the opportunities that certification can bring!