How To Be On Google Images

Google Images is a search service owned by Google that allows users to search the Web for image content. There are numerous reasons why you might want your images to appear on Google images. Not only does it increase your website’s visibility, but it also helps in improving your site’s SEO. So, how do you get your photos to show up on Google Images? Here, we’ll explore the process to ensure your images are indexed by Google.

1. Have High-Quality, Original Images

Google’s algorithms prioritize high-quality, unique images. Therefore, the first step to getting your images on Google is to ensure that they are of high quality and original. If your images are blurry, too small, or irrelevant to your content, they may not be indexed.

2. Use Relevant File Names

Google uses the file names of your images to understand what the image is about. Therefore, use descriptive names for your image files. For example, rather than naming an image “IMG1234.jpg”, use a name like “GoldenGateBridgeAtSunset.jpg”. Keep the name relevant to the content of the image.

3. Use Alt Tags

Alt tags are used to describe the content of an image. These descriptions help Google understand what the image is about. You should include relevant keywords in your alt tags, but avoid keyword stuffing.

Here is how you can add alt tags to your images in HTML:

<img src="GoldenGateBridgeAtSunset.jpg" alt="Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset"> 

4. Use Sitemaps

Providing Google with an XML sitemap can also help your images appear in Google Images. An XML sitemap is a file that helps Google understand your website’s structure and find all the pages on your site.

You can create a sitemap using various tools available online and then submit it to Google via Google Search Console.

5. Stay Patient

After following all these steps, the last thing you have to do is wait. It might take some time for Google to crawl and index your images. However, by following the best practices listed above, you can increase the chances of your images appearing in Google Images.

To check if your image has been indexed, you can do a search on Google Images. If your images show up, then congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to get your images on Google Images.


Getting your images on Google Images can significantly improve your website’s visibility and SEO. By adhering to these practices of having high-quality images, using relevant file names and alt tags, and submitting a sitemap to Google, you can increase your chances of your images being indexed by Google.