How To Avoid Eyeglass Glare In Zoom

If you use glasses, you might have noticed reflections during video calls on platforms such as Zoom. This glare can be both annoying and disruptive for you and your coworkers. Nonetheless, there are multiple methods to prevent glare on eyeglasses in Zoom and similar video conference services.

Adjust Your Lighting

One of the easiest ways to avoid eyeglass glare is to adjust your lighting. Make sure that there are no bright lights behind you or shining directly into your eyes. You can also try using a ring light or other diffused light source to reduce glare.

Use Anti-Glare Coating

If you wear glasses, consider investing in an anti-glare coating. This coating is applied to the lenses of your glasses and helps to reduce glare from computer screens and other sources of light.

Adjust Your Zoom Settings

Zoom has several settings that can help you avoid eyeglass glare. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your video feed to reduce glare. You can also try using the “touch up my appearance” feature to smooth out any wrinkles or blemishes on your face.

Use a Second Monitor

If you have access to a second monitor, consider using it for video conferencing. This can help you avoid glare by positioning the camera at an angle that reduces reflections from your glasses.


Avoiding eyeglass glare in Zoom and other video conferencing platforms is important for both you and your colleagues. By adjusting your lighting, using anti-glare coating, adjusting your Zoom settings, and using a second monitor, you can reduce glare and improve the quality of your video calls.