How To Automatically Update Google Sheets From Trello

Trello is a popular project management tool that allows teams to collaborate and organize tasks. However, it can be difficult to keep track of all the information in Trello without manually updating other tools like Google Sheets. Fortunately, there are ways to automatically update Google Sheets from Trello using third-party apps or scripts.

Using Third-Party Apps

One way to automatically update Google Sheets from Trello is by using third-party apps. There are several apps available that can connect Trello and Google Sheets, such as Zapier,, and Integromat. These apps allow you to create workflows that trigger actions in one tool based on events in the other tool.

Setting Up a Workflow

To set up a workflow using a third-party app, you will need to connect your Trello and Google Sheets accounts. Once connected, you can create a trigger that monitors for changes in Trello, such as when a card is moved to a specific list or when a comment is added. When the trigger is activated, the app will perform an action in Google Sheets, such as adding a new row or updating existing data.

Customizing Your Workflow

Most third-party apps allow you to customize your workflow by selecting specific fields from Trello and mapping them to columns in Google Sheets. This allows you to only update the information that is relevant to your needs. Additionally, some apps offer advanced features such as filtering or conditional logic, which can help you further refine your workflow.

Using Scripts

Another way to automatically update Google Sheets from Trello is by using scripts. If you have programming experience, you can create a script that monitors for changes in Trello and updates Google Sheets accordingly. This method requires more technical knowledge but offers greater flexibility and control over the data transfer process.

Setting Up a Script

To set up a script, you will need to use a programming language that can interact with both Trello and Google Sheets. One popular option is Python, which has libraries for both APIs. You can create a script that runs periodically or on demand, depending on your needs.

Customizing Your Script

When creating a script, you will need to define the data fields that you want to transfer from Trello to Google Sheets. You can use the Trello API to retrieve specific information from cards and lists, such as due dates or checklists. Similarly, you can use the Google Sheets API to update cells or rows in a spreadsheet.


Automatically updating Google Sheets from Trello can save time and reduce errors by ensuring that your data is always up-to-date. Whether you use third-party apps or scripts, there are several options available to help you streamline your workflow and improve productivity.