How To Automatically Take Notes In Zoom

Jotting down notes while participating in a meeting or on a conference call can seem overwhelming, particularly when you’re tasked with both listening to the presenter and managing other activities simultaneously. Nonetheless, technology has paved the way for a seamless experience of automatically capturing notes during a Zoom meeting, eliminating any inconveniences.

Step 1: Install the Chrome Extension

The first step in automatically taking notes during a Zoom meeting is to install the Chrome extension. This extension allows you to transcribe your meetings and calls in real-time, making it easy to review and share your notes with others.

Step 2: Start a Zoom Meeting

Once you have installed the Chrome extension, start a Zoom meeting as usual. Make sure that your microphone is turned on so that can transcribe the conversation.

Step 3: Open the Extension

During the meeting, open the extension and click on the “Start Recording” button. This will start the transcription process, and will begin to transcribe the conversation in real-time.

Step 4: Review and Edit Your Notes

After the meeting is over, you can review your notes by clicking on the “My Meetings” tab in the extension. You can also edit your notes by adding highlights or comments to specific parts of the conversation.


Automatically taking notes during a Zoom meeting is now easier than ever with the help of technology. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that you never miss an important detail during your meetings and conference calls.