How To Assign Yourself To A Breakout Room In Zoom

Breakout rooms in Zoom are an excellent functionality that enables splitting your meeting into smaller, more concentrated group discussions. But, if you are not the meeting’s host, you might be curious about how you can place yourself in a breakout room. This article will guide you through the process to achieve this.

Step 1: Join the Meeting

The first step is to join the meeting as usual. Once you’re in the meeting, look for the “Breakout Rooms” button in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Click on “Breakout Rooms”

Click on the “Breakout Rooms” button to open up the breakout room options. You’ll see a list of all the available rooms, as well as an option to create a new room.

Step 3: Select Your Room

To assign yourself to a specific breakout room, simply click on the name of the room you want to join. You’ll be automatically added to that room and taken there once it’s created.

Step 4: Wait for the Host

Once you’re in your breakout room, you’ll need to wait for the host to start the meeting. The host will have control over when the breakout rooms begin and end, so be patient while they set everything up.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Breakout Room

Once the breakout room has started, you can enjoy your smaller group discussion. Remember to stay focused on the topic at hand and contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.


Assigning yourself to a breakout room in Zoom is a simple process that can help you get more out of your meeting. By following these steps, you’ll be able to join the right group and contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.