How To Archive A Project In Jira

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Jira is a robust project management software that enables users to efficiently plan, monitor, and oversee their software development projects. As projects are finished, it is essential to understand the process of archiving them. This not only helps declutter your workspace but also provides a record of previous projects that can be useful for future purposes.

In this blog post, we will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to archive a project in Jira.

Why Archive a Project in Jira?

Archiving a project in Jira has several benefits:

  • It helps to clean up your Jira instance by removing completed or discontinued projects from the active project list.
  • It helps to improve Jira’s performance as the system has fewer active projects to load and manage.
  • It preserves history and allows you to access the project’s data and details at a later date, if necessary.

How to Archive a Project in Jira

Now, let’s delve into the detailed steps to archive a project in Jira:

Step 1: Access Project Settings

First, navigate to the project that you wish to archive. Click on the Project Settings option located in the project’s sidebar.

Step 2: Archive the Project

Once you are in the project settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Actions dropdown. Select the Archive project option from the list.

Step 3: Confirm the Action

After clicking on Archive project, a popup will appear asking you to confirm your decision. Remember, archiving a project will remove it from your active projects list and disable all of its features. Once you are sure, click on the Archive button.

Your project will now be moved to the Archived Projects list and will no longer be active. You can always unarchive it if you need to access it in the future.


Archiving projects in Jira is a straightforward process that aids in maintaining a clean and efficient workspace. As a best practice, it is recommended to archive projects that are completed or no longer in use. Remember, even though the project is archived, all of your valuable data is preserved and can be accessed at any time.