How To Allow Participants To Annotate In Zoom

Zoom is a widely-used video conferencing service that enables people to communicate from different locations. What distinguishes Zoom is its feature that permits attendees to make annotations while in meetings. This functionality is especially helpful for presentations, teamwork, and sessions geared towards generating ideas.

Enabling Annotation in Zoom

To enable annotation in Zoom, you need to have the appropriate permissions. If you are the host of the meeting, you can enable annotation by clicking on the “Share Screen” button and selecting “Annotate.” This will allow all participants to annotate on your shared screen.

Annotation Tools

Once you have enabled annotation, you will see a toolbar at the top of your screen with various tools. These include a pen, highlighter, text box, and eraser. You can use these tools to draw, highlight, write, and erase on the shared screen.

Annotation Settings

In addition to the annotation tools, you can also adjust the settings for your annotations. This includes changing the color of your pen or highlighter, as well as adjusting the size and opacity of your text box. You can access these settings by clicking on the gear icon in the toolbar.

Best Practices

When using annotation in Zoom, it’s important to follow some best practices to ensure a smooth experience for all participants. This includes avoiding drawing over other people’s annotations, using clear and legible handwriting or text, and being mindful of the size and placement of your annotations.


Allowing participants to annotate in Zoom can be a powerful tool for collaboration and communication. By following these tips and best practices, you can ensure that your meetings are productive and engaging for all involved.