How To Add Video To Woocommerce Product Page

Incorporating a video onto your WooCommerce product page can significantly improve the user experience and boost conversion rates. This guide will walk you through the steps for embedding a video onto your product page in a detailed manner.

Step 1: Install a Video Plugin

The first step in adding a video to your WooCommerce product page is to install a video plugin. There are several plugins available that allow you to easily add videos to your product pages. Some popular options include YITH WooCommerce Video Gallery, WooCommerce Product Video, and WooCommerce Video Background.

Step 2: Configure the Plugin

Once you have installed a video plugin, you will need to configure it. This typically involves setting up the plugin’s settings page, which may include options for video size, autoplay, and other customization options.

Step 3: Add Your Video

After configuring your video plugin, you can add your video to your product page. This typically involves selecting the video file from your media library or uploading it directly to your site. You may also need to adjust the video’s size and position within the product page.

Step 4: Test Your Video

Once you have added your video to your product page, be sure to test it thoroughly. This includes testing on multiple devices and browsers to ensure that the video plays smoothly and without any issues.


Adding a video to your WooCommerce product page can greatly enhance the user experience and increase conversions. By following these simple steps, you can easily add a video to your product page and start reaping the benefits of this powerful marketing tool.