How To Add Image In Figma

Whether you’re a professional UX/UI designer or a creative enthusiast making the most of digital design tools, Figma offers an intuitive platform to bring your design ideas to life. A key part of creating attractive designs is incorporating images, and Figma makes this process simple and efficient. This blog post will guide you through the steps on how to add an image in Figma.

Step 1: Open Your Figma Workspace

First, you need to open your Figma workspace. If you’re working on an existing project, open that specific file. If you’re starting a new project, create a new file.

Step 2: Navigate to the Place Image Option

Next, navigate to the File menu on the top left side of the screen and click on the Place Image option. Doing this will open a dialog box that allows you to browse images from your device.

![Menu Option](

Step 3: Select Your Image

From the dialog box, navigate to the location of the image you want to add, select it, and then click Open.

Step 4: Position Your Image

Now your image will appear in your Figma workspace. You can click and drag the image to position it on your canvas. Also, you can adjust the size of the image by clicking and dragging the small circles at the corners of the image.

Step 5: Save Your Work

After you’ve added and adjusted your image, don’t forget to save your work. You can do this by clicking on File and then Save.


And that’s it! Adding an image in Figma is as simple as that. Whether you’re creating a website mockup, a mobile app interface, or a digital illustration, images can add depth and visual interest to your designs. Now, go make something beautiful!