How To Add Image In Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects is a robust software used in the post-production stage for generating motion graphics and visual effects. Among its various capabilities is the option to import and adjust images. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to add an image in Adobe After Effects.

Steps to Add an Image in Adobe After Effects

Let’s dive into the process:

1. Launch Adobe After Effects

Open your Adobe After Effects program. If you are working on a project, simply open the project where you want to add the image.

2. Importing the Image

In the main menu, navigate to File -> Import -> File… A window will pop up prompting you to locate the image you want to import from your computer.

3. Locating the Image

Once the window opens, browse through your files and select the image that you wish to import. Click on Import button after selecting the file.

4. Adding the Image to the Composition

After importing, your image will appear in the Project Panel. You can add it to your composition by simply dragging and dropping it into the Composition Panel or the Timeline Panel.

// To add an image to the composition:
// Drag and drop the image from the Project Panel to the Composition Panel or Timeline Panel.

5. Adjusting the Image

Once the image is in your composition, you can adjust its size, position, and more by using the tools provided in the Tool Panel. Remember that any changes you make to the image in the Composition Panel will be reflected in the Timeline Panel and vice versa.


Adding an image in Adobe After Effects is simple and straightforward. Whether you’re creating animations, enhancing video projects, or developing interactive presentations, understanding how to add and manipulate images within After Effects will certainly take your work to the next level.

We hope this tutorial was helpful for you. Keep practicing and exploring more features in Adobe After Effects to enhance your skills and create captivating visual effects.