How To Add Follow Contact Page In Aweber

AWeber is a popular email marketing platform that allows businesses to create and manage their email campaigns. One of the key features of AWeber is its ability to add follow-up contact pages, which can help you convert more leads into customers.

Step 1: Log in to Your AWeber Account

To begin adding a follow-up contact page in AWeber, log in to your account and navigate to the “Lists” tab. From there, select the list you want to add the follow-up contact page to.

Step 2: Create a New Follow-Up Email

Once you’ve selected the list, click on the “Follow Up” tab and then select “Create Follow Up.” This will take you to the follow-up email creation page. Here, you can customize the subject line, sender name, and content of your follow-up email.

Step 3: Add a Link to Your Contact Page

In the body of your follow-up email, add a link to your contact page. You can use HTML code to create a button or text link that directs users to your contact page. Make sure to test the link before sending out your email to ensure it works properly.

Step 4: Schedule Your Follow-Up Email

Once you’ve created your follow-up email and added a link to your contact page, schedule when you want the email to be sent. You can choose from a variety of scheduling options, including immediate delivery or delayed delivery at a specific time.

Step 5: Test Your Follow-Up Email

Before sending out your follow-up email to your entire list, it’s important to test it first. Send the email to yourself and check that all links work properly and that the content is clear and engaging.


Adding a follow-up contact page in AWeber can be a powerful way to convert more leads into customers. By following these simple steps, you can create an effective follow-up email that drives traffic to your contact page and helps you grow your business.