How To Add Extensions To Trello

Trello is a popular project management tool that allows users to create boards, lists, and cards to organize tasks and ideas. While Trello has many features built-in, there are also several extensions available that can enhance its functionality and make it even more useful for managing projects.


In this article, we will discuss how to add extensions to Trello. We will cover the different types of extensions available, how to install them, and some examples of popular extensions that can help you get more out of Trello.

Types of Extensions

There are several types of extensions available for Trello, including power-ups, integrations, and add-ons. Power-ups are built-in features that can be enabled on a board or card level to enhance its functionality. Integrations allow you to connect Trello with other tools and services, such as Google Drive or Slack. Add-ons are third-party extensions that can be installed directly from the Trello website.

Installing Extensions

To install an extension in Trello, you will need to go to the board or card where you want to add the extension. Click on the “Show Menu” button and select “Power-Ups” or “Integrations” depending on the type of extension you want to install. From there, you can browse through the available extensions and choose the one you want to install.

Examples of Popular Extensions

There are many popular extensions available for Trello that can help you get more out of the tool. Some examples include:

  • Calendar Power-Up: This extension allows you to view your Trello cards on a calendar, making it easier to plan and schedule tasks.
  • Slack Integration: This integration allows you to connect Trello with Slack, so that you can receive notifications about changes to your boards and cards directly in Slack.
  • Card Repeater Add-On: This add-on allows you to automatically repeat tasks on a regular basis, making it easier to stay on top of recurring tasks.


In conclusion, adding extensions to Trello can greatly enhance its functionality and make it an even more powerful tool for managing projects. By understanding the different types of extensions available and how to install them, you can customize Trello to meet your specific needs and workflows.