How To Add Error Bars In Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a fantastic tool that lets you perform a variety of mathematical and statistical operations, including creating graphs with error bars. Error bars are graphical representations of the variability of data and used on graphs to indicate the error, or uncertainty in a reported measurement. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to add error bars to your Google Sheets graph.

Step 1: Set Up Your Data

The first step in adding error bars to a Google Sheets graph is to set up your data correctly. You should have a column for each set of data points, and a separate column for the error values. For example, you might have one column for time and another for temperature, with an additional column for the standard deviation of the temperature.

Step 2: Create Your Chart

Once you’ve set up your data, you can create your chart. To do this, you simply highlight the data you want to include in your chart, and then click on “Insert” in the top menu, followed by “Chart” in the dropdown menu. This will automatically create a chart based on the data you’ve selected.

Step 3: Add Error Bars

Here’s how you add the error bars:

1. Click on the chart to select it.
2. Click on the “three dots” icon in the top right corner of the chart, also known as the ‘More’ button.
3. Select “Advanced edit” from the dropdown menu.

On the customization tab, scroll down to "Series".

Here, you can add error bars to your chart. 

To do this, click on "Apply to" and select the data series you want the error bars to apply to.

Then, in the "Error bar" section, choose the type of error calculation you want to use. 

You can select "Constant" to enter a single value, or "Percentage" to enter a percentage of the data point value. 

If you have a column of error values, select "Custom" and then select the range of cells with the error values.

Finally, click "Update" to close the editor and apply your changes.

Congratulations! You have added error bars to your Google Sheets graph. While it may seem like a complex process at first glance, with a little practice, adding error bars to your charts will become second nature.


Google Sheets is a powerful tool for analyzing and presenting data, and the ability to add error bars to graphs is just one of the many features that makes it so useful. By following this simple guide, you can utilize this feature to its full potential and add another layer of depth to your data visualizations.