How To Add Emoji To Slack

Slack is a well-known messaging application which enables users to communicate in real-time. A key aspect that sets Slack apart is its functionality to incorporate emojis into messages. This article will walk you through the steps of adding emojis to your Slack messages.

Step 1: Open Slack

To start adding emojis to your Slack messages, you need to open the app first. You can do this by clicking on the Slack icon on your desktop or mobile device.

Step 2: Click on the Emoji Button

Once you have opened Slack, you will see a text box where you can type your message. To add an emoji to your message, click on the smiley face icon located in the toolbar above the text box.

Step 3: Select Your Emoji

After clicking on the emoji button, a list of emojis will appear. You can scroll through the list to find the emoji you want to add to your message. Once you have found the emoji you want, click on it to add it to your message.

Step 4: Add Your Message

After adding your emoji, type in your message and hit enter to send it. Your message will now include the emoji you added.


Adding emojis to Slack messages is a fun and easy way to express yourself and add some personality to your conversations. By following these simple steps, you can start adding emojis to your Slack messages today.