How To Add Blur Background In Zoom On Mac

Zoom stands out as a widely used platform for video conferencing, enabling users to engage with one another from different locations. Among its various features, Zoom provides the option to blur the background while on a call. This feature comes in handy if you prefer to keep a cluttered room or any background distractions hidden from view during meetings. In this piece, we’ll show you the steps to implement a blurred background in Zoom when using a Mac.

Step 1: Open Zoom

To add a blurred background in Zoom, you need to open the application first. Once you have opened Zoom, click on the “Settings” button located in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select Video

In the settings menu, select the “Video” tab. This will take you to the video settings page where you can adjust various settings related to your camera and video quality.

Step 3: Enable Virtual Background

On the video settings page, you will see an option called “Virtual Background.” Click on it and select “I have a green screen” or “I don’t have a green screen” depending on whether you have a physical green screen or not. If you don’t have a green screen, Zoom will use its built-in background blur feature to blur your background.

Step 4: Select Background Image

Once you have enabled virtual background, you can select an image or video that you want to use as your background. You can either choose from the default options provided by Zoom or upload your own image or video. To do this, click on the “+” button and select the image or video you want to use.

Step 5: Adjust Background Settings

After selecting your background image or video, you can adjust various settings such as brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can also adjust the position of the image or video by dragging it around the screen. Once you are satisfied with the settings, click on “Done” to save your changes.

Step 6: Test Your Background

Before joining a meeting, it’s always a good idea to test your background to ensure that everything is working correctly. To do this, click on the “Test” button located in the top right corner of the screen. This will open a preview window where you can see how your background looks and make any necessary adjustments.


Adding a blurred background in Zoom on Mac is a simple process that can help you create a more professional and distraction-free environment during video calls. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily add a blurred background to your Zoom meetings and improve your overall video conferencing experience.