How To Add Aweber Popup In WordPress

AWeber is a popular email marketing service that allows you to create and send newsletters, autoresponders, and other types of emails to your subscribers. One way to increase your subscriber list is by adding an AWeber popup on your WordPress website. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding an AWeber popup in WordPress.

Step 1: Create an AWeber Account

The first step is to create an AWeber account if you don’t already have one. Go to and sign up for a free trial or paid plan. Once you have created your account, log in and navigate to the “Sign Up Forms” section.

Step 2: Create a Sign-Up Form

In the “Sign Up Forms” section, click on the “Create a New Form” button. You will be taken to a page where you can customize your sign-up form. Choose a template that suits your needs and customize it with your branding and messaging.

Step 3: Embed the Sign-Up Form on Your WordPress Website

Once you have created your sign-up form, you can embed it on your WordPress website. To do this, go to the “Embedded Forms” section and copy the code provided. Paste the code into a text widget or a page/post where you want the form to appear.

Step 4: Customize the Popup Settings

To add an AWeber popup on your WordPress website, you will need to install and activate a plugin called “AWeber for WordPress.” Once you have installed the plugin, go to the “Settings” section and select “Popups.” Here, you can customize the settings of your AWeber popup, including the trigger, display frequency, and more.

Step 5: Test Your Popup

After customizing your AWeber popup settings, it’s important to test your popup to ensure that it is working correctly. Go to your WordPress website and trigger the popup to see how it looks and behaves.


Adding an AWeber popup on your WordPress website can be a great way to increase your subscriber list and grow your email marketing campaign. By following these steps, you can easily add an AWeber popup to your website and start collecting more leads.