How To Add A User To Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, offering invaluable insights that can help drive your business strategy. But as your business grows you may need to share these insights with other members of your team. That’s where the ability to add a user to your Google Analytics account becomes essential. In this post, I’ll guide you through the simple process.

Step 1: Sign in to Google Analytics

Firstly, you need to head over to the Google Analytics website and sign in to your account. If you do not have a Google account, you’ll need to create one. This can be done by clicking on the “Sign up” button on the Google homepage.

Step 2: Select Admin

Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll notice a gear icon in the lower-left corner of your dashboard. Click this icon to access the “Admin” panel.

Step 3: Choose Account, Property, or View

Google Analytics has three levels of access: Account, Property, and View. Deciding on what level you want the new user to have is crucial at this stage.

  • Account: This gives the user access to all the properties and views within the account.
  • Property: The user will have access to one website or app data, but not to any other properties in the account.
  • View: The user can access specific data views within a property, but not the entire property or account data.

Step 4: Add New User

In the corresponding column, click “User Management”. Then click on the blue plus button in the top right corner of the screen and select “Add Users”.

Step 5: Enter User Details

You’ll need to enter the email address of the user you want to add. Then you’ll assign permissions to the new user. There are four levels of permissions:

  • Edit: Can perform management and reporting tasks.
  • Collaborate: Can create personal assets and share them. Can collaborate on shared assets. Can read and analyze data.
  • Read & Analyze: Can read and analyze report data.
  • Manage Users: Can manage account users, but can’t manage or collaborate on shared assets.

Select the permissions you wish to assign and click the “Add” button at the top right of the screen.


And there you have it! You’ve successfully added a user to your Google Analytics account. It’s a quick and easy process that can greatly enhance the efficiency and productivity of your team. Remember to assign permissions carefully to ensure everyone has access to the data they need without compromising security.