How To Activate Really Simple Ssl

Really Simple SSL is a free plugin that helps you secure your website with an SSL certificate. It’s easy to install and activate, but there are a few steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Install the Plugin

First, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Plugins” in the left-hand menu. Then, click on “Add New” and search for “Really Simple SSL”. Once you find it, click on “Install Now” and then “Activate Plugin”.

Step 2: Generate an SSL Certificate

Next, go to the Really Simple SSL settings page by clicking on “Settings” in the left-hand menu and then selecting “Really Simple SSL”. On this page, you’ll see a button that says “Generate SSL Certificate”. Click on it and follow the instructions to generate an SSL certificate for your website.

Step 3: Activate the Plugin

Once you have generated an SSL certificate, go back to the Really Simple SSL settings page and click on “Activate”. This will activate the plugin and secure your website with an SSL certificate.

Step 4: Test Your Website

After activating the plugin, it’s important to test your website to make sure everything is working properly. You can use a tool like Google Chrome’s Developer Tools or Firefox’s Web Console to check for any errors or warnings.


Activating Really Simple SSL is a simple process that can help secure your website and protect your visitors’ data. By following these steps, you can easily install and activate the plugin to ensure that your website is safe and secure.