How To 3 Way On Google Meet

Google Meet, a professional video conferencing tool by Google, is an effective means of communicating with others, particularly during this time where working from home has become the norm. In this article, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to conduct a 3-way call on Google Meet. This feature can be useful in various scenarios such as organizing a team meeting or connecting with loved ones.

Step 1: Schedule or Start a New Meeting

To start a 3-way call in Google Meet, you first need to either schedule a new meeting or start one instantly. To schedule one, you can use Google Calendar and specify your guests. If you want to start an instant meeting, you can do so by visiting the Google Meet homepage and clicking on “Start a meeting”.

Step 2: Invite Participants

Once you’ve started or scheduled your meeting and you’re in the meeting room, you can now invite your participants.

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Copying the joining information and sending it to your participants
  2. Inviting them directly through their email addresses

To copy the joining information, click on the “Add others” or “Invite” button, then click on “Copy joining info“. You can then paste this information into an email or any other form of message to your participants.

To invite them directly through their email addresses, click on the “Add others” or “Invite” button, then click on “Invite by email“. Afterwards, you can enter their email addresses and click on “Send Invite“.

Step 3: Start the 3-Way Call

Once your participants have joined the meeting, congratulations! You’ve just started your 3-way call on Google Meet. It’s that simple!


So there you have it! A straightforward guide on how to start a 3-way call on Google Meet. This feature is not limited to 3 participants, though. You can invite many more people and expand your meeting, making it a powerful tool for collaboration and connectivity. Happy meeting!