How Does Mr Keating Respond To One Slack Student’s Poem

In the movie “Dead Poets Society,” Mr. Keating, played by Robin Williams, is a passionate and unconventional English teacher who inspires his students to think outside the box and pursue their dreams. One of his students, Todd Anderson, is initially hesitant to participate in class activities and struggles with self-confidence. However, Mr. Keating sees potential in him and encourages him to express himself through poetry.

Todd’s Poem

One day, Todd shares a poem he wrote in class. The poem is about his fear of public speaking and his desire to overcome it. Mr. Keating listens attentively and then responds with praise for Todd’s honesty and vulnerability.

Mr. Keating’s Response

Mr. Keating tells Todd that he is proud of him for sharing his poem and that it takes courage to be vulnerable in front of others. He encourages Todd to keep writing and expressing himself, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.


In conclusion, Mr. Keating’s response to Todd’s poem is one of support and encouragement. He recognizes the importance of self-expression and vulnerability in personal growth and development. By encouraging Todd to keep writing and sharing his thoughts and feelings, Mr. Keating helps him overcome his fear of public speaking and become a more confident person.