How Does Clearview Ai Work

Recently, there has been much media attention surrounding Clearview AI, a cutting-edge facial recognition technology. This impressive tool has the capability of accurately identifying people based on their photographs, and as a result, law enforcement agencies have utilized it to successfully solve crimes. But what exactly is the process behind Clearview AI’s operations?

The Technology Behind Clearview AI

Clearview AI uses a combination of machine learning algorithms and a massive database of images to identify individuals. The company has scraped billions of images from the internet, including social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and used them to train its algorithm. When a user uploads an image to Clearview AI, the algorithm compares it to the images in its database and identifies any matches.

The Ethical Concerns Surrounding Clearview AI

Clearview AI has been the subject of controversy due to concerns about privacy and civil liberties. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea that their images can be scraped from the internet without their consent and used for facial recognition purposes. Additionally, there are concerns that Clearview AI could be used to target individuals based on their race or political beliefs.


Clearview AI is a powerful tool that has the potential to revolutionize law enforcement and other industries. However, it also raises important ethical questions about privacy and civil liberties. As we continue to explore the possibilities of facial recognition technology, it will be important to carefully consider these issues and ensure that our use of this technology is responsible and respectful of individual rights.