How Do I Upload A Font To Canva

If you want to make your graphics and designs stand out, customizing them with unique fonts can be crucial. Canva, a well-known graphic design platform, offers a variety of pre-installed fonts for you to choose from. However, if you have a specific font in mind that is not offered by Canva, don’t fret. Canva allows you to upload your own fonts. Here’s a simple guide on how to do it.

Step 1: Prepare your Custom Font File

Before you upload a font to Canva, you need to make sure that it’s in the correct format. Canva supports two font formats: OTF (OpenType Font) and TTF (TrueType Font). So make sure your font file is either in OTF or TTF format.

Step 2: Open the Canva Font Uploader

Canva has a dedicated font uploader which allows you to add custom fonts. To access it, you need to:

  1. Log into your Canva account
  2. Click on the ‘Brand Kit’ tab in the left panel
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Uploaded Fonts’ section, and click on the ‘Upload a font’ button

Step 3: Upload Your Font

Once you’ve opened the Canva font uploader, uploading your font is easy. Simply click on the ‘Upload a new font’ button and select your font file from your computer. Once the file is selected, click ‘Open’ to upload it to Canva. Please note that you can upload only one font file at a time.

Step 4: Use Your Uploaded Font

After the font file has been uploaded, it will appear in your list of fonts under ‘Uploaded Fonts’. Now you can use your custom font in any of your Canva designs. Just select the text you want to format, click on the font drop-down menu, and select your uploaded font from the list.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully uploaded a custom font to Canva. Remember, if you want to use your custom font in future designs, you don’t need to upload it again. Once a font is uploaded, it will remain in your Canva font library for future use.

Happy designing!