How Do I Make Canvas Dark Mode

Canvas does not currently have a pre-installed dark mode interface, despite being a well-known learning management system (LMS) utilized by numerous educational institutions. Nonetheless, there are alternative methods for activating dark mode on Canvas, whether for personal preference or for ease on the eyes. This tutorial will discuss the process of enabling dark mode through a browser extension.

Using a Browser Extension

As of now, the most reliable way to enable dark mode in Canvas is by using a browser extension. There are many extensions available that can apply a dark theme to any website, including Canvas. One such extension is ‘Dark Reader’ available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Steps to Follow:

1. Install the Extension:

First, navigate to your browser’s extensions store:

Search for ‘Dark Reader’ and install the extension.

2. Enable Dark Reader:

After installing, click on the ‘Dark Reader’ icon in your browser’s toolbar. This will open a dropdown menu. By default, the extension will be set to ‘off’. Simply click on the ‘on/off’ switch to enable the extension.

3. Configure Dark Reader for Canvas:

Now, you need to tell Dark Reader to apply a dark theme to Canvas. Navigate to your Canvas page, then click on the Dark Reader icon in your toolbar. Click on the ‘Only for <website>‘ button at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

Your Canvas website should now be in dark mode!


While Canvas doesn’t currently offer a built-in dark mode, browser extensions like Dark Reader can provide an effective workaround. Remember, if you find the dark mode to be not to your liking on a certain website, you can simply toggle it off from the extension’s dropdown menu. It’s as easy as that!