Embedded Canvas App Size

The size of an embedded canvas app is important in order to provide the best possible user experience. Having a small-sized app may restrict usability, while a huge one may overcrowd the user interface. This article will assist you in properly managing the size of your embedded canvas app to achieve a harmonious balance between usability and design.

What is an Embedded Canvas App?

An embedded canvas app is a PowerApps tool that allows users to add an app directly to their website or software application. This app can be a PowerApps form, a model-driven form, or even a standalone canvas app. It can display and handle data from your website or other software applications, enhancing productivity and workflow.

How to Manage the Size of an Embedded Canvas App

Here are the steps to properly manage the size of your embedded canvas app:

  1. Access App Settings: Open your canvas app in PowerApps Studio and go to File > App Settings.
  2. Adjust Screen Size and Orientation: Under the ‘Screen size + orientation’ tab, you can choose the desired size of your application. You can select either landscape or portrait mode, depending on your preference.
  3. Set Width and Height: You can manually set the width and height of your canvas app by specifying these values in pixels.
  4. Use Responsive Layout: To make your canvas app responsive, you can use a container control. This adjusts the app’s size depending on the screen it is displayed on, providing an optimal viewing and interaction experience for any screen size or orientation.

Code for Setting Width and Height of Canvas App

To manually set the width and height of your canvas app, you would need to utilize the


function. Let’s consider the following example:

App.ActiveScreen.ResizeMode = ScreenResizeMode.Stretch;

In the code above, we are setting the ResizeMode property of the active screen to Stretch. This means that the app will automatically stretch to fill the width and height of its container. Note that the width and height settings must be specified in pixels.


Managing the size of your embedded canvas app is crucial to ensure optimal usability and aesthetics. By understanding and utilizing the app settings in PowerApps Studio, you can adjust the size of your app to suit your specific needs. Whether you choose to manually set the width and height or opt for a responsive layout, you have the tools necessary to create an effective and visually appealing embedded canvas app.