Does Canva Use Google Fonts

One common inquiry regarding Canva, a highly-used virtual graphic design software, is “Does Canva utilize Google Fonts?” In short, the answer to this query is affirmative.

A Brief Introduction to Google Fonts

Before we delve into the relationship between Canva and Google Fonts, let’s briefly discuss what Google Fonts are. Google Fonts is a library of over 800 licensed fonts, an interactive web directory for browsing the library, and APIs for conveniently using the fonts via CSS and Android. They are a popular choice among designers and developers for their wide variety and easy integration.

Canva and Google Fonts

Now, back to Canva. Canva does indeed utilize Google Fonts. When you’re using Canva’s editor, you have access to a range of fonts to use for your design. Many of these fonts are from the Google Fonts library.

Canva has integrated Google Fonts into its editor. This means that when you use Canva, you have direct access to a wide variety of Google Fonts that you can use in your designs. This is a tremendous benefit to Canva users because it means you have a vast range of font options to choose from.

How to Use Google Fonts in Canva

Using Google Fonts in Canva is incredibly simple. When you’re in the Canva editor, simply click on the text box to bring up the font menu. Then, you can scroll through the available fonts. Many of the options you see are indeed Google Fonts.

To use a Google Font, just click on the font name. Your text will immediately change to the selected font. It’s as simple as that!


In conclusion, yes, Canva uses Google Fonts, integrating a wide range of these fonts directly into the Canva editor for easy access and use. This provides Canva users with a wealth of font options for their designs, further enhancing the versatility and appeal of this popular online design tool.