Difference Between Canvas And Art Print

Many art enthusiasts struggle with differentiating between a canvas and an art print. While both are widely embraced, they have distinct qualities that set them apart.

What Is Canvas Art?

Canvas art is a type of art where the image is directly printed onto a canvas made of cotton or linen fabric. The canvas is then stretched over a frame, or it may be published as a gallery wrap. Canvas art gives a high-end, artistic feel because the texture of the canvas allows for a more detailed and vibrant presentation of the artwork.

What Is An Art Print?

On the other hand, an art print, also known as a digital print or a photo print, is a digital reproduction of an original work of art. Art prints are printed on high-quality paper, which brings out the detail and color of the original piece. Art prints offer a more affordable way to own a piece of artwork that otherwise might be out of reach.

Differences Between Canvas Art and Art Print

  • Texture: Canvas prints have a rough, textured surface that closely mimics traditional painting surfaces. Art prints are printed on smooth, high-quality paper, creating a clear and detailed image.
  • Appearance: Canvas prints have an artistic, high-end look and feel. Art prints have a more traditional, high-resolution appearance.
  • Price: Canvas prints are generally more expensive than art prints due to the materials used and the process of printing onto fabric.
  • Durability: Canvas prints are more durable than art prints because they are printed on sturdy fabric that’s resistant to damage.

Choosing Between Canvas and Art Print

When choosing between canvas and art print, consider the aesthetic you want to achieve, your budget, and the space where the artwork will be displayed. If you prefer a more textured, luxe, and durable artwork, go for canvas prints. If you prefer something that closely resembles the original work and is more affordable, opt for art prints.

Ultimately, the decision between a canvas print and an art print depends on personal preference. Both mediums offer unique advantages and can beautifully showcase a piece of art.


Whether you choose a canvas print or an art print, both mediums are an excellent way to bring art into your space. No matter your decision, you’ll gain a piece of artwork that adds character and personality to your home or office.