Can Canvas Detect Split Screen

With the rise of digital learning, there has been a significant increase in the use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Canvas. As more students and teachers have started using Canvas, a common question that has popped up is: “Can Canvas detect Split Screen?”

The short answer is No.

Canvas and its functionalities

Canvas is a sophisticated LMS that has a broad range of features designed to facilitate digital learning. These include assignment submissions, online quizzes, discussions, grading, and more. However, one feature that Canvas does not possess is the ability to detect if a user is using the split screen functionality on their device.

What is Split Screen?

Split Screen is a multitasking feature available on many devices which allows users to have two or more applications open and active on their screen simultaneously. For example, a student could have Canvas open in one window and a reference website or digital textbook open in another.

Why doesn’t Canvas detect Split Screen?

Canvas, like most LMS, is designed to facilitate learning, not police it. Its purpose is to create an environment that fosters development, collaboration, and engagement. It does not have the functionality to monitor how students are using their devices or what they have on their screens apart from the Canvas application itself.

Furthermore, implementing such a feature could involve violating student privacy, which is a serious concern. Students have the right to learn in an environment free from unnecessary surveillance. Moreover, using split screen does not necessarily imply dishonesty or misuse. Many students use it as a tool to enhance their productivity and learning.


While Canvas has a robust set of features designed to facilitate online learning, detecting split screen is not one of them. This is in line with a learning environment that promotes trust, respect, and autonomy. At the end of the day, the responsibility for learning effectively and honestly still rests on the shoulders of the students themselves.

Remember, the purpose of education is not just scoring grades, but genuinely understanding and learning new things.