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Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a great looking dark logo using Adobe Photoshop.

Start by Opening a new document
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Now using the text tool type the word “Darkness” on the screen using white as the color. The font that I am using is blade 2 and the size is 150px. The Blade 2 font can be downloaded here.

Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Now open the Layer Style window by right clicking the layer and selecting Blending Options.
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Now apply an Outer Glow with the following settings.
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Now the Bevel and Emboss settings.
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Then apply this gradient overlay.
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Here are the color settings for the gradient.
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Now apply the settings and your image should look like this.
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Now we need to add another layer. With the shape Custom Shape tool select the Grass 3 shape, pictured below. This is a default shape in Photoshop CS2
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Use white as your fore color and draw a large section of grass over top of your text.
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Now set the layer blend mode to Overlay and reduce the Opacity to 63%
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

Now you are finished. Your final image should look like this.
Photoshop Darkness Logo Tutorial

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  • Mukul

    Loved the final effect! Great stuff…

  • ahmed

    i loved the tutorial and the effects! very easy and straight forward, thanks.

  • arpu

    Thanx for the nice tutorial

  • Sance

    hi um i have one problem with your tutorial. I can’t get to the advance blend mode.

  • John Ward

    Can you clarify what you mean by advanced blend mode??????? To get to the layer styles right click the layer in the layers pallet (lower right corner of screen, usually) and select Blending Options. To change the blend mode of the entire layer, click the layer in the layers pallet and change the drop down box above it to overlay.

    If you are having trouble finding the blending options, you may want to start with the very basics of photoshop.

  • George

    If you have photoshop 2.0 I dont think you have the option of layer styles, that is the problem which I have because most tutorials require layer styles at some point. Thanks for the tutorial though, this effect looks amazing!

  • John Ward

    Sorry, I believe it is a limitation of Photoshop 2.0. I would recommend upgrading, but I know some people can’t afford it. I use Photoshop CS2 for all the tutorials but will be upgrading to CS3 very soon.

  • asdas

    cool men, nice

  • Sirtopdog

    Love the look and a fast and simple to flow NICE WORK!

  • Steve

    couldnt find the leaf brush, and couldnt find how to set gradient colours, but overally great result. thumgs up 4/5

  • norekcn

    Thanks ~ ~! !
    I come from China, but my English is very bad!
    Thank you to help me to be such many!
    We are the good friend!
    (Above these speeches all are I use machine translation, ha-ha!)

  • jaffer Shadick.C

    Hai This is very good text effects. You was choosed very good background colours any how very good effects by Jaffer Shadick.C

  • http://Notdoneyet illusion

    Awsome tutorial, can’t w8 to use it on my website =D

  • Cryonaka

    Looks nice!

  • bjarkhov

    gr8 job dear….
    an awesome collection to join the elite club of CS2 collection….
    over all a nice job….keep posting…

  • Avanti

    First thanx for such good tutorial. the last effect is very nice. i am going to use this.

  • faucndo

    thanks to this i know how to do that effect.. is lovely.

  • Tasheena

    hey i really liked doing this stuff in photoshop. i just had a blast with it

  • JEY

    where can i download that font style in WINDOWS XP OS..? Because i dont have a MAC OS here im only using XP.

  • JEY

    ok now i know..HELP! he!he!he!

  • John Ward

    That font isn’t a Mac font. I use Windowx XP also. Here is the link for the font By the way it is included in the second step of the tutorial 😉

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    Lovely effect, visit my site for more tutorials also.

  • Photoshop animation tutoriala

    thanks for great tutorial

  • Easy photoshop tutorials

    Very informative and useful. I have to try this soon.

  • Avinash

    Hey ok the effects were great.. but i have a small doubt.. i still have the outlines of the leaf on the front how do i get rid of them?

  • Avinash

    ok i kinda made a mistake.. sorry 😛

  • TeamTutorials

    When you draw the shape be sure to select the option on the tool bar for no border (it is a square with no border I believe, there are three options)

  • Free tutorials

    Nice final touch with the default shape

  • nick

    um well great guide but how do i get the text in the selection tab because i downloaded it but don’t know how to use the blade text

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  • Jonathan

    Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve modified it slightly for my own purposes (I’m using it on a white background for a magazine masthead).

    One suggestion: I don’t think it looks all that good having the wavy grass effect the text’s outer glow. What I did instead was put a selection around the text before applying the grass so that it only affects the text and not the glow behind it. I think that looks better.

  • tyler

    sweet tutorial..if you cant do it ur just an idiot

  • paramjeet

    hey i really liked doing this stuff in photoshop. i like the fire effect but i want to make a digital fire effect in photoshop & set it on desktop.plz help me.

  • metingt

    tesekürler dankeschon

  • Aakash Bhati

    Really it looks very artistic.

  • Beata

    Overlay Blend mode – I get with it gray leaves and nothing to do

    I should delete this last layer

  • multimodefibercable

    nice work man digged it …;)

  • http://none The Dark Penguin

    great tut! very simple and good (for not having many steps) =P

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  • Gsen

    Nice Tutorial ! thx a lot its pure GOLD

  • Shourav

    its very fantastic n useful tutorial. many many thanks.

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  • glurt

    Great tutorial ! I will try to make it by myself

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  • Zoran

    Thank you for this, i will use it on my website, it looks cool, the blade font is awsome

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  • http://isakmybrother Makke

    this was very use full thanks alots :]

  • PixieDust

    I just would like to say.. this is so nice. I just go a new version of Photoshop and this is easy and fun to create. The colors worked out great for my needs too. Thanks for the great tutorial. :)

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  • CaSanoVa

    this is real nice and easy..except I can’t find the leaf brush on cs4…mind giving me a hand to find it somewere please? thx man!

  • image

    can please upload a video tutorial regarding this logo..really i need it to make it for my website

  • Robert Iachniewicz

    Verry nice :) Thanks a lot. This tutorial opened my mind for understanding more of photoshop :) (New photoshop player:D)

  • berkeleysamson

    thank you for this one.. great help .. i learned too much from this site.

  • Söve

    Its great.Thanks a lot.

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  • Danmonio

    hey man thanx for the sweet font!

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  • John

    Awesome tutorial! I tried it for my logo but it looked weird. I guess I’m not that adept at designing. Been at it for weeks. It somehow looked disproportionate unlike the one you did which looks great.Finally decided to use the professional services of an online logo design site instead ( and finally got the logo I wanted at an affordable price and fast too. Lesson learned. I’m not going to design a logo without any professional help though it’s somewhat fun. And liberating.Definitely. Haha.

  • Daniel

    How can I get on the color settings for the gradient?


  • Alex

    Fantastic tutorial! Simple, professional, fun! Thanks!

  • hermann

    nice and thanks!
    but how can i remove the background and i want only the text with the leaf on it without any extra leaf outside?
    thank you

    • John Ward

      I believe that is part of the tutorial.

  • Logo Templates

    3 years old but still has not lost its charm.
    Nice effect. Thanks a lot for the tutorial.

  • LogoProductions


    thanks for the great tutorial!
    i learn Much stuff about this!
    nice after effect :)


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  • Lara@

    Wow fantastic content! Fantastic tutorial dude. It�s crazy how many exceptional tutes you guys publish. Love your website. Regards!

  • Nuku-Nuku

    Easy as pie. And good looking.

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  • Creative Logo Designers

    We are LogoProDesign as a Creative Logo Designer, We checked your artwork collections. Those are amazed us. Thanks for that type of good work collections. We regularly checked your website for good artwork example.

    David Thomas

  • gozo

    thanx for this tuts….the steps are so easy to follow…thanx again

  • Serpentz

    It’s amazing the terrible and awful ways people butcher the English language.

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  • Harry P

    THis is an excellent tutorial. LOve the dark theme to it. Harry

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  • Logo Designs

    Informative tip, find this useful for my project.

  • Mahesh

    I so good and easy way make many kind of effect, thanks

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  • Gregory Castro

    Hi, I know this tutorial is from 2007 but I was wondering if it would be alright with you if I made a spanish version of it on my blog, giving you credit of course and posting a link to this site. Well if you are still out there please reply, thanks.

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  • Tenml

    it simple but really nice.

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  • Monukumar

    Its great.Thanks a lot.

  • Sachinkukreja1988

    its simple but v v very nice…….. 

  • Shuvo

    Awesome Tuturial

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  • Hank_scorpio184

    Fails because it’s 72 ppi and it’s done in photoshop. Good luck scaling that. Didn’t even give instructions on the best file format to save to. Tutorials on creating logos in photoshop should not exist. It’s simply the wrong program to create logos.

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  • Noblechristeen

    by noble Christeen

  • Custom Logo

    Its really nice to learn this design of making a dark logo. You explained and created it in very small no of steps which made it memorable to any one. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

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  • William Ben

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  • Background Remover

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  • aynaz

    thanks alot
    its fantastic

  • Mahmuda Hamid

    Simple but much more tricky tutorial. Thank
    Clipping Path

  • tuan anh Pham

    it seems you are very good to use photoshop, logo look quite as impressive, thank you for sharing, creating this nice logo

  • Thiet ke logo

    Thanks for sharing, all great, it is an inspiration to me, please refer to my website:

  • cong

    Awesome Tuturial